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What is #19PBbios?

Updated: Mar 2, 2019

Learn a bit about who we are and why we're here.

By Meeg Pincus

Co-organizer of #19PBbios with Jess Rinker

Author of Miep and the Most Famous Diary (August 2019)

People in children's publishing have called this moment "the golden age of picture book biographies." These past few years have brought a fresh, new spin on the old view of picture book biographies (PB bios).

No longer dry, birth-to-death, lists of facts, PB bios are now creative, colorful, and innovative in how they present real people's lives. They draw kids in. They focus on moments, themes, or little-known people or places. They excite librarians, educators and parents. They're works of art.

We Are Creators of PB Bios

Each of us, in this group of authors and illustrators, is excited to be a part of this new age of PB bios, and to bring our book into the world in 2019.

We've all been working for at least two or three years on our books: researching (lots of researching!), writing drafts, polishing manuscripts, securing literary agents, selling to traditional publishers, creating sketches, crafting final illustrations, editing, strategizing, and bringing it all together.

Our goals now: To share these books with children! To pique their interest and curiosity in the people and places we've researched and presented! To inspire them with true stories of real people who made a difference in the world!

As founders of this group, Jess and I also had the goal of featuring a diversity of PB bio subjects and creators, to highlight people from groups often underrepresented in books and the teaching of history and other topics (women, people of color, LGBTQ+ people & more & all the intersections of these!). Every single #19PBbios book is about a subject from one of these groups, and every creator is as well.

We need to hear more voices from the margins, to even out the scales and teach a broader, more inclusive history—PB bios are a great place to do this!

We Invite You On Our Journey

If you're reading this, you probably are excited about PB bios and diverse children's literature, too. Are you a librarian, an educator, a fellow kidlit professional, a parent? What excites you about these true stories for kids?

We hope to engage with you on this journey in 2019, as we launch each of our books. We hope to be in conversation with you, whether it's online, at your school, or at a conference. We hope you will win books in our giveaways, and share our books with the children in your life.

We're so grateful you're here. We're so grateful to be in 2019, in this golden age of PB bios. Thanks for joining us on this journey.


© 2019 Meeg Pincus & Jess Rinker

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